Articles On Cancer Science

Cancer Biology is the branch of cell biology that deals with the cellular aspects of the various types of cancers in human beings. Cancer involves unregulated growth of cells which result in a cell mass known as tumor. Tumor can be benign or malignant. Cell growth which results in malignancy is known as cancer and can occur in various part of the body. Cell Biology involves the study, diagnosis and treatment of various types of cancer. Cell Biology: Research & Therapy holds wide relevance under the cancer science articles. It accepts articles on cell cell science worldwide. Cell Biology: Research & Therapy is a peer reviewed international hybrid journal which accepts review articles on various aspects of cell biology under the journal. Authors across the globe can submit their review article on their past research. This adds quality to the journal and is appreciated. The authors can submit the review articles under open access or subscription as per the feasibility and requirements. Review article is a summarized content of the various research carried in past and holds a different format as compared to the research article.