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Articles on cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest or cardiopulmonary arrest indicates a sudden stop in normal blood circulation due to failure of the heart to pump blood. A heart attack is different from Cardiac arrest. heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is stopped due to an obstruction in coronary arteries. Most important causes of cardiac arrest include Heart attack or myocardial infarction, Cardiac anatomical abnormality, Cardiac rhythm disturbance or arrhythmia, Cardiomyopathy, Sepsis and major infection, Drug overdose, Major injury and blood loss. Lung or heart injury may also lead to cardiac arrest, Advanced cancer, Extremely high or low body temperature, Extremely high or low blood level of potassium, Severe oxygen deprivation, Pulmonary embolism International Journal of Cardiovascular Research emerges as a best indexed journal with impact factor compared to other competitive journals focusing especially on topics related to cardiac arrest and other cardiology studies by bringing up the recent research to global scientific community through its publications. The papers submitted are undergone through perfect plagiarism checks, later peer reviewed by the expert group and published after through revisions."