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Cardiovascular research impact factor

"Cardiovascular disease confines to any disease that affects the cardiovascular system, principally cardiac disease, vascular diseases of the brain and kidney, and peripheral arterial disease. The causes of cardiovascular disease are diverse but atherosclerosis and hypertension are the most common problems of cardiovascular diseases. The risk of suffering from a cardiovascular disease is increased by a number of factors including high blood pressure, obesity, smoking, psychological stress, and lack of exercise. Cardiovascular diseases have been the major health problem and the leading cause of death in the world for several decades. Cardiovascular disease involves both inherited and environmental contributors and is therefore sometimes classified as a complex genetic disease. Most researchers believe that all major risk factors for cardiovascular disease have been identified and It is estimated that cigarette smoking, hypertension, abnormal serum cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol), obesity, lack of physical exercise, and diabetes account for 50 percent of the variability of risk in high-risk populations. The remaining risk is likely composed of a large number of yet-to-be identified minor risk factors or genetic influences that account for the development of disease in most individuals. Impact Factor is a measure of the frequency with which the ""average article"" in a journal has been cited in a given period of time. The impact factor is used as standard dimension and the relative importance of a scientific journal within its field. The Impact Factor is calculated by several scientific methods including citation analysis. International Journal of Cardiovascular Research emerges as a best indexed journal with impact factor compared to other competitive journals focusing especially on topics related to cardiovascular diseases and other cardiology studies by bringing up the recent research to global scientific community through its publications. The papers submitted are undergone through perfect plagiarism checks, later peer reviewed by the expert group and published after through revisions."

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