Cell Cycle Articles

Cell cycle or cell division cycle involves a series of events during which a mature cell divides and duplicates into two daughter cell similar in the genetic constitution. It is a process by which a fertilized egg cells divides into a multicellular organism or internal organ get renewed like hair and skin. It involves binary fission in unicellular organism or a 3 phase process in eukaryotes. In eukaryotic organism, cell division is divided in to interphase which is the resting period, mitotic phase which involves division of nucleus and cytokinesis in which the cell divides into two cells. Cell Biology: Research & Therapy finds scope under cell cycle and includes submissions on the recent development and discoveries in the field of cell division. It accepts submissions across the globe as research, review, case reports, commentary or mini review etc. Authors can submit their valuable contribution under open access or subscription mode of publication as per the requirement and feasibility.