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Journals on Clinical Chemistry

Journal of Forensic Toxicology and pharmacology, a peer-reviewed and subscription based journal is a new initiative in the field of forensic toxicology and pharmacology that aspires to spread widespread awareness among the readers and help the various foundations in the required field to develop better treatment options for patients and bring various novel discoveries at global platform. Clinical chemistry being the sub-discipline of chemical pathology is generally concerned with the analysis of bodily fluids. Clinical chemistry uses simple chemical tests for various components of blood and urine. Techniques other than this are also applied including the use and measurement of enzyme activities, spectrophotometry, electrophoresis, and immunoassay. All biochemical tests come under clinical chemistry. These tests are performed on any type of body fluid but mostly on serum or plasma. This large array of tests under clinical chemistry can be further sub-categorized into sub-specialties of, General or routine chemistry, special chemistry, clinical endocrinology, toxicology, therapeutic drug monitoring, urinalysis, fecal analysis.