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19th Asia Pacific Diabetes Conference

July 20-22, 2017 Melbourne, Australia

Posters & Accepted Abstracts

The impact of the IADPSG guidelines for gestational diabetes mellitus on a secondary hospital population

Viner R, Hird K and Basu A

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Synthesis of natural homoisoflavonoids having either 5,7-dihydroxy-6-methoxy or 7-hydroxy-5,6- dimethoxy groups

Myunghoe Heo, Yue Yuan, Wei Sun, Sanha Lee, Hyebin Park, Bit Lee, Xiang Fei, Seung-Yong Seo

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Chemoselective acylation of 2-amino-8-quinolinol in the generation of C2-amides or C8-esters

Sanha Lee, Youngseok Park, Xiang Fei, Yue Yuan and Seung-Yong Seo

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The role of lysophosphatidic acid receptor signaling in diabetic nephropathy in db/db mice

Yongha Hwang, Hui-Young Lee, Hwansu Kang, Yeonhee Hong, Tae-Ho Jung, Yoon-Sin Oh and Hee-Sook Jun

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Methylglyoxal stimulates autophagy in vascular endothelial cells through regulating the PI3K/Akt/mTOR and endoplasmic reticulum stress/MAPKs signaling pathways

Jae Hyuk Lee, Moon Ho Do, Chae Ho Pak and Sun Yeou Kim

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Synthesis of gallic acid analogues as histamine and pro-inflammatory cytokines inhibitors for treatment of mast cell-mediated allergic inflammation

Yue Yuan, Xiang Fei, Myunghoe Heo, Wei Sun, Sanha Lee and Seung-Yong Seo

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Investigation of the protective effect of peanut (Arachis hypogaea) phenolics against methylglyoxal-induced glucotoxicity

Minsun Jeong, Jae Hyuk Lee, Moon Ho Do, Sun Yeou Kim and Sin Hee Park

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Nutrition food assessment of children with type-1 diabetes in Mongolia

Dolgormaa D, Bayanjargal S, SoninkhishigTs, Altanzul B and Ariuntuya A

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Improving the viability of pseudo-islet for efficient insulin production

Ali Howaidi

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Effect of Coix Lacrima Jobi l extract on the mice with diabetes mellitus blood glucose in vivo

Nanny Djaja

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Complications and comorbidity of diabetes mellitus (DM) among Saudi in northern Saudi Arabia

Abdulaziz Khalid Alsayegh

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Correlation between education, food intake, exercise, and the medication obedience with the average of blood glucose in Gamping, Gogyakarta, Indonesia

Aisyah Rahmatul Laily

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Biochemical origins of diabetic complications; Contrasting influences of dietary components

Alan R Hipkiss

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Diabetes reversal by plant-based diet

Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

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Burden of diabetes, prediabetes and other associated lifestyle risk factors in the permanently settled tribals in tribal area and in urban areas of the northern state of sub-Himalayan region of India

Dhiraj Kapoor

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Using the health belief model to understand barriers to effective Type 2 diabetes management among ethnic Karanga diabetic patients in Masvingo urban

Gunhu R

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Association between the time of length since smoking cessation and insulin resistance in asymptomatic Korean male ex-smokers

Ko-Woon Kim

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The Springboard trial: Can web-based self-help improve functioning and reduce mood symptoms in people with type 2 diabetes?

Janine Clarke

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Pylorus preserving total duodenal exclusion for non-obese type 2 diabetes mellitus

Kyung Yul Hur

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Accelerating risk of diabetes and hypertension in north east India

Namrata Ray

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Pregnancy outcome in depressive and gdm subjects in Bangladesh: A hospital based study

K Natasha

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Effect of royal jelly on wound healing in diabetic rats in comparison with angi pars drug

Mohammad Rabbani Khorasgani
Saeed Ahmadi Majd
Jamal Moshtaghian
Ardeshir Talebi

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