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11th European Nutrition and Dietetics Conference

June 29-July 01, 2017 Madrid, Spain

ScientificTracks Abstracts

Efficacy and tolerability of the autoimmune protocol diet for inflammatory bowel disease

Gauree G Konijeti, Caroline Diamant, Emily Singh, James Lewis, Namee Kim, Shauna Groven4and Ali Torkamani

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Food enrichment with omega-3: New oilseed sources and algal oils for microencapsulation and delivery of healthy lipids

Francisco J Senorans

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Association between functional performance ability and energy intake in the first seven days of patients after stroke

Noriko Kurokawa, Chiho Kai and Teruyoshi Amagai

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A novel methodology system to educate patients with non-communicable diseases and to evaluate its effectiveness by outcome parameters

Teruyoshi Amagai, Rie Ma-eshima, Chiho Kai and Mari Hasegawa

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Observational study of the effect of consumption of a magnesium and B vitamins enriched gingerbread on cognitive well-being (mood, stress, sleep)

Francois Andre Allaert, R. Schueller, F. Herpin, F. Rigaudier

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Factors associated to lifestyle-related diseases among selected call center agents of metro Manila

Christina Isabel F Santisteban

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A clinical advantage of thicken enteral formulae with acidic pH: From the study on their effects on different pH in an intra-gastric dynamics

Ryosuke Sato and Eiji Meguro

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The challenges and successes of salt, sugar and fat reduction program to prevent NCDs (Iran experiences)

Majid Hajifaraji and Abdollahi Zahra

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A cumulative energy deficit during 7 days is not a predictor of severity and outcomes of hospital – acquired pressure ulcer in older adult patients

Chiho Kai and Teruyoshi Amagai

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Rapid improvement in symptoms and quality of life among patients with inflammatory bowel disease following an autoimmune protocol diet

Shauna L Groven, Crystal Sanchez, Susan Levy, James Lewis, Caroline Diamant, Emily Singh, Anita Chandrasekaran, Ali Torkamani and Gauree Konijeti

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Influence of active moisture balance on outcomes during 7 days after esophageal cancer surgery

Eri Miyamoto, Mari Hasegawa and Teruyoshi Amagai

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Tribitor reduces caloric impact of sugar, glycaemic index of food & glucose and insulin spikes after high carbohydrate meals - The latest clinical studies

Theodora Mantzourani

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Content of fat and lipid profile of the menus served in school canteens

Maria J Esteve, Lavall MJ, Zulueta A and Frigola A

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Meals and eating practices in a multi-generational approach - A qualitative insight study

Christine Brombach

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Time trends in consumption pattern of dietary fats among population in India

N Arlappa, N Balakrishna, R Harikumar, II Meshram, K Mallikharjuna Rao, Sharad Kumar, M Ravindranath, K S Ramakrishna, G Manohar Reddy and A

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Chitosan reduces hypertensive toxicity of the NaCl: Results of a randomised double blind cross over clinical trial

Francois Andre Allaert

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Infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices and nutritional status of children under 5 years of Chenchu primitive tribe in India

Nikhil Kumar Kotla, Nimmathota Arlappa, Nagalla Balakrishna, Soumya Kondaveety and Parikshit Narsapuram

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Plasma cholesterol, heart diseases and functional foods

Zhen-Yu Chen

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Detox and Metabolism Practical Orthomolecular and Nutritional Approach

Roni Lara Moya

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Whether probiotic supplementation is effective in prevention of the hyperglycemia induced maternal hypertension?

Majid Hajifaraji, Neda Dolatkhah, Fatemeh Abbasalizadeh and Naser Aghamohammadzadeh

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Brain coordination and the association with diet in prediabetes

Yi-Cheng Hou, Jiun-Rong Chen, Shwu-Huey Yang, Yu-Te Wu, Cheng-yu Chen and Chien-Han Lai

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Information about micronutrients of 3rd and 4th grade students in nutrition and dietetics

Caglar Akcali and Aslı Ucar

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University students body perception and obesity prejudice

Semsi Gul Yılmaz and Asli Ucar

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Vitamin C intake is reduced in obese Brazilian adults

Ana Gabriella P Alves, Brazil Beatriz A Carvalho and Brazil Maria S Silva

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Overweight in children: An unexpected outcome by trained community health workers in a rural setting in Kisumu County, Kenya

Caroline J Sawe, Grace A K Ettyang, CO Kimamo and W Kogi-Makau

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The effect of probiotic bacteria on aflatoxin M1 detoxification in phosphate buffer

Gulsum Gizem Topal, Sumeyra Sevim, Merve Tengilimoglu Metin, Banu Sancak and Mevlude Kizil

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The effect of inulin on aflatoxin M1 binding ability of probiotic bacteria in yoghurt

Sumeyra Sevim, Gulsum Gizem Topal, Merve Tengilimoglu Metin, Banu Sancak and Mevlude Kizil

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