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Scholarly articles on Bioterrorism

The basic definition one can understand listening to a term called bio terrorism is the terrorism involving biological agents like bacteria, virus, or toxins with an intentional release in a human-modified form to use in warfare. Bioterrorism attack involves a wanted release of harmful micro organisms to cause illness or death of humans, animals, or plants. These agents or organisms used to create terror are found in nature, but they will be mutated in order to increase the ability of causing diseases , Additionally bio terrorism includes the increase of organisms ability to spread in the environment. The microorganisms causing threat can be spread by air,water & food. Terrorists would be interested to use these kind of warfare activities as the biological agents would be extremely difficult to detect and do not cause illness for several hours to several days. Some of the bioterrorism agents or organisms like smallpox virus, Bacillus anthracis etc which are highly contagious and can be spread from person to person and the infection may take hours or days to become apparent. The warfare methods using biological agents are relatively easy and inexpensive. They can cause a widespread fear and panic beyond the actual physical damage they can cause. The biological weapon is useful mainly to the terrorists as a method of creating mass panic and disruption. A scholarly article is based on original research or findings. Scholarly article is generally written by a researcher or expert in the field who is affiliated with an educational institution such as college or a university. Scholarly writings include footnotes or bibliography as references for the study. It also includes graphs or charts as illustrations as opposed to glossy pictures. In addition, articles that appear in scholarly journals or book that is published by academic presses are subject to a peer-review process, which means that other experts or specialist in the field would evaluate the quality and originality of the research as precondition of publication. Journal of Defense Studies & Resource Management emerges as a best indexed, hybrid journal with impact factor compared to other competitive journals focusing on bioterrorism by bringing up the recent research to global scientific community through its publications. The papers submitted are undergone through perfect plagiarism checks, later peer reviewed by the expert group and published after through revisions.