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Dietary Deficiency Disorders

Dietary deficiencies occur due to lack of some essential nutrients in the diet and our body is not able to digest and process those nutrients. As we know human diet is composed of different components like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. These components include 50 nutritional items that are necessary for human health. Each component has its own role in the functioning of the human body and it varies from individual to individual. Quantity of nutrients required for good health depends on age, gender, and overall health condition of a person. A person suffers from dietary deficiency disease whenever an individual does not get enough of an essential nutrient. Most dietary deficiency diseases are caused due to lack of protein, vitamins, or minerals in the diet. Protein deficiency diseases occur when an individual does not eat enough protein and these diseases occurs mostly in countries where people are too poor to buy protein-rich foods. Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies occurs due to lack of some nutrients which are found in vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, or eggs.

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