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Robotics is that the branch of technology that deals with the look, construction, operation, and application of robots, moreover as pc systems for his or her management, sensory feedback, and knowledge process. These technologies modify machine-driven machines that may take the place of humans in dangerous environments or producing processes, or jibe humans in look, behavior, and/or noises. Several of robots today, square measure impressed naturally causative to the sphere of bio-inspired AI. The idea of making machines that may operate autonomously dates back to classical times, however analysis into the practicality and potential uses of robots failed to grow well till the twentieth century. Throughout history, AI has been typically seen to mimic human behavior, and infrequently manage tasks during a similar fashion. Today, AI may be a chop-chop growing field, as technological advances continue, research, design, and building new robots serve numerous sensible functions, whether or not domestically, commercially, or militarily. Several robots do jobs that square measure venturous to folks like termination bombs, mines and exploring shipwrecks. Fully autonomous robots solely appeared within the last half of the twentieth century. The primary digitally operated and programmable golem, the Unimate, was put in 1961 to carry hot items of metal from a die casting machine and stack them. Business and industrial robots square measure widespread these days and wont to perform jobs additional cheaply, or additional accurately and dependably, than humans. They square measure extensively utilized in jobs that are too dirty, dangerous, or uninteresting to be appropriate for humans. Robots square measure wide utilized in producing, assembly, packing and packaging, transport, earth and house exploration, surgery, weaponry, laboratory analysis, safety, and therefore the production of shopper and industrial merchandise.