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Signal processing

"Signal processing is a vicinity of systems engineering, EE and mathematics that deals with operations on or analysis of analog also as digitized signals, representing time-varying or spatially variable physical quantities. Signals of interest will embrace sound, nonparticulate radiation, images, and sensing element readings, for instance biological measurements like electrocardiograms, system signals, telecommunication transmission signals, and plenty of others. The goals of signal process will roughly be divided into the subsequent classes. • Signal acquisition and reconstruction, that involves mensuration a physical signal, storing it, associated presumably later reconstruction the first signal or an approximation there from. For digital systems, this usually includes sampling and division. • Quality improvement, like noise reduction, image sweetening, and echo cancellation. • Signal compression (Source coding), together with audio compression, compression, and video compression. • Feature extraction, like image understanding and speech recognition. Analog signal process is for signals that have not been digitized, as in bequest radio, telephone, radar, and TV systems. This involves linear electronic circuits also as non-linear ones. Digital signal process is that the process of digitized discrete-time sampled signals. Process is finished by general computers or by digital circuits like ASICs, field-programmable gate arrays or specialised digital signal processors (DSP chips)."