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The magnetic force is one amongst the four elementary interactions in nature, the opposite 3 being the strong force, the fundamental interaction, and gravitation. This force is delineate by magnetism fields, and has innumerable physical instances as well as the interaction of electrically charged particles and therefore the interaction of drained attraction fields with electrical conductors. The magnetism force is that the interaction to blame for most the phenomena encountered in everyday life, with the exception of gravity. Standard matter takes its kind as a result of building block forces between individual molecules in matter. Electrons are sure by electromagnetic radiation mechanics into orbital around atomic nuclei to create atoms that are the building blocks of molecules. This governs the processes concerned in chemistry, that arise from interactions between the electrons of neighbouring atoms, that are successively determined by the interaction between magnetism force and therefore the momentum of the electrons. There are various mathematical descriptions of the magnetism field. In classical electrodynamics, electrical fields are delineate as electrical phenomenon and current in Ohm's law, magnetic fields are related to magnetism induction and magnetism, and differential equation describe however electrical and magnetic fields are generated and altered by one another and by charges and currents.