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Journals on Enzyme Activity

Journal of Physiobiochemical metabolism is one of the top journals on changes that occur in living organisms and metabolism. It aspires to carve a strong backbone in the field of scientific community. It is a novel initiative taken to assist the researchers in getting best publication across the globe, stimulating the scientific knowledge and learning. Enzyme activity is expressed in terms of the activity unit (U), which is defined as the allowance of the enzyme that catalysis the conversion of one micromole of substrate per minute under standard situation, such as at a warmth of 25°C and the pH value and substrate concentration that yield the maximal substrate alteration rate. The higher the undertaking is, the more powerful the catalytic proficiency of enzyme groundwork. Enzyme groundwork with higher undertaking enables less dosage grade in the developed production process of its application, thus decrease the output cost. That is the cause why activity is of the most interest in enzyme groundwork industry rather than other specifications.

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