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Child Nutrition and Health

Child Nutrition and Health make a huge impact on children's relationship with food as child nutrition and lifestyle effects their well-being, growth and development. Children prefer the food which they enjoy the most to eat so parent's responsibility is to make healthy choices appealing to their children. Eating healthy food serves many purposes like it stabilize children's energy and sharpen their minds. Parents should be ensured about their children diet to be nutritious after allowing their favourite treats. Children diet must contain fruits, vegetables, nuts, and eggs, serve whole-grain breads and cereals because they are rich in fiber. Children should be kept away from fast food and junk food, sugary fruit drinks and sodas etc. If parents take care of some of these points then they are building children's lifelong relationship with food. Journal of Food & Nutritional Disorders publish the latest research on child nutrition and health which covers the wide area of journal classification. Journal of Food & Nutritional Disorders under the child nutrition and health classification accepts research, review papers, online letters to the editors & brief comments on previously published articles.

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