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Quick Peer Reviewed Journals in Food Sciences

Now days, the finest criteria of the research articles to be published in any of the journals is to evaluate its peer review process. And this peer review process should be as quick as possible signifying the quality if the journal. Journal of Food & Nutritional Disorders is one of the food sciences journals having the quick review process. Quick review process involves the high quality of editorial and the managing board for any journal. Journal of Food & Nutritional Disorders is having the highest cadre of research scholars associated with it which makes the review process quick and efficient. The Journal follows a stringent peer review process by appointing an editor, expert in the required field under whose guidance, 3 potential reviewers are appointed to review the article in a span of 14 days. Eventually the decision is taken by the editor after analyzing the article as well as the reviewer comments to enhance the quality and significance of the journal.

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