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Journals on Gene Variations

Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Reports is a novel initiative taken to assist the researchers in getting best publication across the globe, stimulating the scientific knowledge and learning. The natural selections for genetic materials are gained from genetic variations. It is brought about by mutation, which is a permanent change in the chemical structure of a gene for eg. polyploidy. Condition under which organisms have three or more sets of genetic variation is known as Polyploidy. The mutation is started off by a parent and the offspring now receives that mutation trait as the parent mates. Again when that mutated offspring is ready to mate they pass on that trait to their offspring. This process begins the first generation of mutated offspring. Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Reports is a peer reviewed scholarly journal and publishes scholarly study on various topics of genetic disorders such as autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, X-linked dominant, Y-linked, mitochondrial, polygenic disorders, treatment of genetic disorders including genetic variations.