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Journals on Genetics Epidemiology

Journal of genetic disorders and genetic reports publishes articles on genetic epidemiology which provides the study of the role of genetic factors in determining health and disease in families and in populations, and the interplay of such genetic factors with environmental factors. It is closely allied to both molecular epidemiology and statistical genetics. The study of the role of genetics in disease progresses through the following study design: Familial aggregation studies, segregation studies, linkage studies, association studies. Recently, the scope of genetic epidemiology has expanded to include common diseases for which many genes each make a smaller contribution. Journal on genetics epidemiology aims to integrate rigorous epidemiologic methods with genetic principles and techniques to identify how genes contribute to risk for disease. Journal on genetics epidemiology is actively engaged in a wide range of researches including research into neuropsychiatric disorders, birth defects, infectious diseases, cancer, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and aging.