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Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Reports, peer reviewed scholarly journal aspires to carve a strong backbone in the field of scientific community by publishing the current and ongoing researches and discoveries in the form of high-quality original research papers, research brief reports, mini-reviews, and other special articles related. Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Reports is a hybrid, E-Journal which holds good editorial board involving experts from related relevant background having sound experience and expertise thus providing reputed name to the journal as well as support and assistance. The editors are mostly from developed economies like American and European nations with a notion to help and assist budding research in initial stages in various middle and lower income economies thus accelerating scientific and technological growth worldwide, benefitting the mankind. Journal of Genetic Disorders and Genetic Reports is led by high profile Editorial Board throughout the world and provides the editors with expert refereeing, ensuring the high quality of articles published in the Journal. Journals on metabolism promote ongoing international research and information exchange through publication of latest research reports/ breakthroughs.