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Geographic Information Science

Geographic information science is the science dealing with concepts of geography, related systems and their applications. Geographical information science can be defined as a branch of Information science which deals with the geographical domain, or also as the collective set of basic scientific questions raised by geographical information and also about the technologies that gather, manipulate and communicate it. Geographic information science can reveal interesting patterns that point in some cases to causal mechanisms. Geographic information science is the basic research field that can re define concepts of geography and their need in the context of geographic information systems. Geographic information science will also deal with the impacts of Geographic information science on individuals and society and in return the influences of society on Geographic information science. Geographic information science re verifies some of the most fundamental themes in the fields such as cartography, geography and geodesy. It also overlaps with the many research fields such as computer science, mathematics and psychology. The transformation of entire geographic data into valid and useful information is the main motto of geographic information science. There are many research areas under the Geographic information science which can be termed as components. Few can be listed as Geographical domain Ontology, Geographical phenomena representation, Qualitative spatial reasoning, Computational geometry, Spatial statistics.