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Geospatial Intelligence

Geo spatial intelligence is the intelligence about the human activity on the earth. The term Geo spatial intelligence means the exploitation, imagery analysis and geospatial information to narrate, assess and visually display physical attributes and geographically related activities on the earth. That is why Geo spatial intelligence encompasses all aspects of Imagery, Imagery intelligence, Geo spatial information and services (GI&S). Geo spatial intelligence surrounds data ranging from the ultraviolet through the microwave parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, Information deducted from the analysis of literal imagery and also the information which is derived technically from the processing, exploitation, literal and also non-literal analysis of polar metric data, spatial, spectral, temporal, radiometric, phase history, fused products and the supporting data needed for data processing and exploitation, and signature information. All these data can be gathered on steady and also on moving targets by electro-optical related sensor programs and also by non-technical ways. The recent definition of Geo spatial intelligence defines it as an actionable knowledge, a process and a profession. Geo spatial intelligence is the ability to describe , understand and interpret to estimate the human impact of an event or action within a spatiotemporal environment. Geo spatial intelligence is also ability to recognize, gather, reserve and operate data to create geospatial knowledge through critical thinking.

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