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Peer review journals on Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial Intelligence is an intelligence limitation comprising the exploitation and scrutiny of geospatial data and information to distinguish, check, and visually characterize physical features and geographically referenced activities on the Earth. Geospatial intelligence encompasses all aspects of imagery and geospatial information and benefits. Geospatial intelligence includes, data ranging from the ultraviolet through the microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as information derived from the analysis of close symbolism, geospatial data, and information mechanically derived from the processing, exploitation, literal, and non-literal analysis of spectral, spatial, temporal, radiometric, phase history, polarimetric data, fused products and the ancillary data needed for data processing and exploitation, and signature information. The peer review journals on Geospatial intelligence is for the publication of original research papers, review articles, invited contributions, also including selected papers presented at non-referred conferences and symposiums. Articles should present discussions of Imagery, Imagery intelligence, geospatial information, geospatial services, Geo spatial analysis. Short research and technical notes, book reviews, lecture series and commercial advertisements can be included.

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