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Scholarly journals on Geo visualization

Scholarly journal on Geo visualization includes the research articles written by researches and experts in the field of Geo visualization. These scholarly journals are also called as academic journals or sometimes called as Peer reviewed journal. Most of the scholarly journals will be undergoing peer review process. Peer review process is also known as referee process. An editorial board asks respective field experts to perform the review and evaluate the articles in terms of reliable information prior to accepting them for publication in a scholarly journal. Articles which are submitted are also evaluated based on the criteria like excellence, novelty and importance of the research in respective fields. Scholarly journals will be using this peer review process to publish the good quality of material. Editorial board members details are listed near the starting of each journal issue. There are some scholarly journals which are not peer reviewed. The main intention of scholarly journal is to allow scholarly communication among the members who belong to the particular academic discipline and also for the common people. The information which is present in the scholarly journal on Geo visualization is specific to this field and people who are going to access this should have the professional knowledge to get the full understanding. This Scholarly journal on Geo visualization contain the information related to Cartography, Geo graphic visualization, Interactive visualization. Scientific visualization, Information visualization.