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Peer review journals on Indicator kriging

Journals on Indicator kriging is a technique that deals with mineral deposit modeling and resource block model estimation, such as ordinary kriging. Initially, Indicator kriging showed considerable promise as a new method that could more accurately estimate overall global mineral deposit concentrations or grades. Indicator kriging is a method based on data transformed from continuous values to binary values or it begins with categorical data.Indicator kriging estimator is a linear kriging estimator applied on a set of elements which attributes values have been modified according to a non-linear transform. Indicator kriging requires a non-linear transform, called codification by means of indication, which transforms each value of the set into indicator values. The main advantage of indicator kriging technique is that it is a simple non parametric method of interpolation. The peer review international journal of Indicator kriging is for the publication of original research papers, review articles, invited contributions, also including selected papers presented at non-referred conferences and symposiums. Articles should present discussions of Kriging, geostatistics, Gaussian process regression, Geography, Geographic information, Geo technologies, cartography. Short research and technical notes, book reviews, lecture series and commercial advertisements can be included.

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