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Liver Pathology

Liver disease is one of the biggest concerns now in the world. Recently the onset of liver disease has also been linked many other health problems which are increasing significantly worldwide. Liver is a critical organ which is affected by wide variety of diseases including chronic viral hepatitis B and C, autoimmune hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver and pediatric liver disorders, diseases of the bile ducts and liver tumors. The metabolic consequences of liver disease are serious and include toxic accumulations of metabolic wastes (especially ammonia & bilirubin) drugs & toxins endogenous hormones (especially estrogen) bleeding, associated with a deficiency of coagulation factors edema, associated with a deficiency of albumin failure to absorb intestinal fat because of a deficiency of bile acids Viral hepatitis is a common contagious disease and Cirrhosis is the final endpoint for many liver diseases. JLDT includes content on various liver diseases, infections and histological studies. It also contains the latest research findings of numerous liver diseases and transplantation. The Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation addresses both the liver pathology and liver transplantation. JLDT stands among the liver journals in the globe. The major areas of journal include advances in liver diseases, liver trauma, portal hypertension and pediatric liver tumors. Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation focuses on the topics hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, alcohol damage, fatty liver, metabolic and genetic liver diseases, autoimmune liver diseases, liver transplantation and techniques, surgical complications and transplantation outcomes. The Journal is using quality and standard peer review process for its paper publications. It is also using online manuscript submission and manuscript tracking systems.