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Translational Hepatology

Liver is renowned for its strong and robust regenerative capacity, employing different modes of regeneration based on extent of injury. Translational hepatology branch deals to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic means for liver diseases. It also studies the biological processes underlying the development of hepatic regeneration. This science can employ knowledge to understand the role of stem cells in liver regeneration and also to develop novel treatments for liver disease. It explores the molecular mechanism of action of different medications in liver pathology with clinical trials in liver diseases. Also explore the immune pathogenesis of liver diseases, developing new diagnostic and therapeutic means for liver diseases. The main purpose of translational research is to prevent the progression of liver diseases. Translational science also hopes to fulfill an unmet need for clinicians and scientists by through novel studies, reports from early phase development of novel pharmacotherapies, and hypothesis-generating translational research and preclinical studies with clear application to human physiology or disease. The Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation addresses both the liver pathology and liver transplantation. JLDT stands among the liver journals in the globe. The major areas of journal include advances in liver diseases, liver trauma, portal hypertension and pediatric liver tumors. Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation focuses on the topics hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer, alcohol damage, fatty liver, metabolic and genetic liver diseases, autoimmune liver diseases, liver transplantation and techniques, surgical complications and transplantation outcomes. The Journal is using quality and standard peer review process with help of Editorial and review board members for its paper publications. It is also using online manuscript submission and manuscript tracking systems.