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Hydrogeology refers to the study of the presence and movement of ground water. It can be defined as Interrelationship of geologic materials and processes with water. It is the mode of the occurrence, distribution, movement and chemistry of water occurring in the subsurface in relation to the geological environment. Hydrogeology is an interdisciplinary subject involving both practical and theoretical applications. The interaction between the groundwater movement and geology is a complex subject to follow. As it is a study of all the aspects of groundwater, hydrogeology applies- Physical (exploration, development, and management of the groundwater interations), Chemical (Contamination, Characteristics, evolution of flow paths), Engineering (Mineral deposits, Earthquakes) and Mathematical (approximation) approaches in the analysis. Thus Hydrogeology is the science of groundwater that requires a multidisciplinary approach involving many other sciences: surface hydrology, climatology, geology, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, and more. Hydrogeologists can help by locating suitable reserves and by assessing how much water it is possible to extract without permanently damaging underground aquifers or surrounding ecosystems. The branches of Hydrogeology include: Physical Hydrogeology and Chemical Hydrogeology. Physical Hydrogeology refers to the interaction between ground water and physical conditions of the earth material where as Chemical Hydrogeology refers to the interaction between ground water and chemical conditions of the earth Material. The scope of Hydrogeology can be studied as: Ground water flow and Solute transport. As the field of hydrogeology matures, the strong interactions between groundwater, surface water, water chemistry, soil moisture and even climate are becoming clearer.