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Subscription Immunological Techniques Journals

Subscription immunological techniques journals invite all those scientists and scholars to publish their research without paying any publication fee, who lack financial support and have devoted their research to develop novel immunological techniques for various infectious diseases. Journal of Immunological Techniques in Infectious Diseases (JIDIT) is one of the leading subscription immunological techniques journals that promotes rigorous research in the field of developing techniques to diagnose infectious diseases that makes a significant contribution in advancing knowledge in the field. The journal provides paid readership and gives various options to university libraries to purchase content of journal. Journal of Immunological Techniques in Infectious Diseases promotes ongoing international research and information exchange through publication of latest research reports/ breakthroughs in the field of immunological techniques. The Journal aspires to contribute to the scientific community through its scholarly publications. Journal of Immunological Techniques in Infectious Diseases being an international subscription immunological techniques journal gives a platform to those researchers worldwide belonging to low income or high income countries to publish their research who cannot pay a large amount as open access publication fee. Thus subscription journals provide an edge over other open access journals demanding heavy publication fee.

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