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Journal of Immunological Techniques & Infectious Diseases .ISSN: 2329-9541

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Online Journals of Infectious Diseases & Therapy

Journal of Immunological Techniques in Infectious Diseases is one of the online journals of infectious diseases & therapy that supports latest research that makes a significant contribution in advancing knowledge for treatment of various infectious diseases. This online journal of infectious diseases & therapy accepts research, review papers, online letters to the editors etc. Articles submitted by authors are evaluated by a group of peer review experts in the field and ensures that the published articles are of high quality, reflect solid scholarship in their fields, and that the information they contain is accurate and reliable. The Journal aspires to become one of the best online journals of infectious diseases & therapy worldwide. Journal of Immunological Techniques in Infectious Diseases strictly follows peer review process and publishes quality articles. Journal of Immunological Techniques in Infectious Diseases promotes ongoing international research and information exchange through publication of latest research reports/ breakthroughs in the field of infectious diseases & therapy. The Journal aspires to provide International scientific/ scholarly communication, platform for dissemination of research through our journal publications.

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