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Special Issue Introduction

Journal of Applied Bioinformatics & Computational Biology has announced an upcoming special issue on the topic of “Microarray DATA Analysis: Technique and Application:” that will aim to cover all the comprehensive source of information regarding to Microarray Data Analysis.

Microarray technology has become one of the indispensable tools that many scientists use to research genome wide expression levels of genes in a particular organism. Microarray Data Analysis involves the application of large datasets of information derived from various biological experiments. Large-scale experiment involves governing the expression levels of numerous genes simultaneously under a given condition, called gene expression analysis. Microarray technology makes this possible and the quantity of data generated from each experiment is huge, sequencing and segregating the amount of data generated by genome sequencing projects. Our special issue will provide information on the various computational methods that one can apply to derive meaningful results from such experiments.

Special Issue Topics of Microarray DATA Analysis: Technique and Application invites submissions on • Novel Techniques of Microarray • Types of DNA microarray • Experiments on Microarray • Application of Microarray

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