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Special Issue Introduction

Journal of Computer Engineering & Information Technology (JCEIT), a peer reviewed scholarly Journal, now announces it’s first Special Issue on “Current Trends in Applications for Software/Hardware Integration

In today’s modern computing world, software and hardware work together to produce the wide range of advanced system functions that support industry, science, and commerce.  Historically, software and hardware have been seen to be distinct entities with clear boundary lines.  Traditional software in the form of assembly and high-level language components interact with general purpose processors (GPP) based on the classic von Neumann architecture. GPP architectures and code have thus formed the bulk of our modern application base.Software/hardware integration viewed at various levels of granularity include traditional operating system/processors, system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, and higher level abstractions that support networked client/server and multi-tier applications. With the advent of reconfigurable computing and specialized processing units, a revolution has occurred in computing that allows seamless integration between software and hardware to increase application performance, monitor security, and expand configurability to a large range of deployment platforms.

This special issue on current trends in applications for software/hardware integration highlights recent advancements, novel usage, and future concepts for how applications are constructed to realize the full extent of integration between these two worlds. For example, software applications that utilize specialized processors through custom or proprietary libraries already embody this concept. Likewise, software that utilizes FPGA-based logic functions to improve performance of otherwise time-intensive GPP code is in essence married to the hardware at a deeper level than a traditional GPP. Without the underlying hardware present, the software would not function correctly or would not perform at its most efficient speed.

Topics for this issue include, but not limited to:

  • SW/HW Integrated Applications
  • SW/HW Integration Frameworks
  • Programming Language and Compiler support for SW/HW Integration
  • Tools and Development Environments for SW/HW Co-design, test, and verification
  • Case Studies on Successful or Failed Integration Attempts
  • Methodologies for SW/HW Integration
  • Problems, Issues, and Resolution for SW/HW Integrated Applications
  • Potential Security, Performance, Agility Benefits of integrated SW/HW
  • System Engineering Approaches using SW/HW Integration
  • Industry Support and Acceptance of SW/HW Integrated Applications

JCEIT invites the Eminent Researcher’s, Scientist’s, all over the world to exchange their ideas and recent research trends through this special issue. The special issue features Original Research Articles, Reviews, Commentaries, Case Reports, Short Notes, Rapid and/ or Short Communications, letters to the editor, Video articles, Image articles and literature reviews.

Special Issue entitled "Current Research Trends in Software/Hardware Integration has been edited by:


Ralph Coolidge Huntsinger, California State University, USA


Dr. J. Todd McDonald, University of South Alabama, USA

Guest Editors:

Dr. Todd R. Andel, University of South Alabama, USA

Dr. William Mahoney, University of Nebraska-Omaha, USA

Dr. Samuel Russ, University of South Alabama, USA

Deadline for submission: June 29th, 2016

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