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Special Issue Introduction

Novel Corona Virus: The recent pandemic health issue due to an infectious virus which changed the shape of the world health and Economical status. This situation is unexpected and made the human life lockdown for a while, here we discuss and analysis the situation before, during and after the COVID19.

Many Scientist and Expertise are started working and analysing on the COVID19, before it shows the disaster in the human life. In this situation we find different theories, models, perceptions, assumption around the COIVD19.

COVID19 not only affected the human health and it also caused very big lose to many fields/sectors like financially in commercial market.

We welcome papers from researchers, Scholars, Scientists and Expertise.

  • Challenges and changes Caused by COVID19
  • Sustainability of Human health securities.
  • Impact of COVID19 on Global Health
  • The Results of Lockdown in different ways of life
  • Life in Quarantine

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