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Special Issue Introduction

International Journal of Ophthalmic Pathology announces an upcoming Special Issue on the topic “Modern methods in Cataract Surgery: A Special Issue” that would aim to provide the most complete and reliable source of information on modern methods on cataract surgery.

Since time immemorial, combat against diseases has become a regular practice for mankind. Among others, viral diseases claimed a massive death toll throughout the history and continuing it in the present era too. With the aid of modern technologies we have discovered and understood several issues related to viruses but a lot more is yet to be known.Considering the perilous impact of the viruses on mankind and urgent need of vital information dissemination associated to viral research, a dedicated open platform was much needed for the global awareness in this regard.

The Special Issue on “Modern methods in Cataract Surgery: A Special Issue” would present results of research on:
• Disscussion on the Convential Methods on Surgery
• Modern Technique of Cataract Surgery
• Complication of Cataract Surgery
• Trauma and Rehalbitation After Surgery
• Lens Replacment 



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