Journal of Otology & RhinologyISSN: 2324-8785

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Laryngology Research

Laryngology Research aims at providing better in laryngial disorders, diseases and injuries. The aim is the development of laryngology (the management of airway, voice, swallowing disorders, including related sciences and health promotion). Laryngology is that branch of medicine which deals Larynx, its disorders, diseases and injuries of the vocal apparatus, especially the larynx. Common conditions addressed by laryngologists include vocal fold nodules and cysts, laryngeal cancer, spasmodic dysphonia, laryngopharyngeal reflux, papillomas, and voice misuse/abuse/overuse syndromes. The health professional that normally practices this branch of medical study and treatment is known as a laryngologist. It is not unusual for a medical care professional to be trained in the complementary fields of otology and rhinology as well as laryngology.