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Liver- Open Access

Open Access refer to the unrestricted online access or free web access to the full text of scientific literature by the interested readers. Open Access makes their articles highly visible, discoverable, retrievable, and useful. Open Access Journals can visibility to attract submissions and advertising, without mentioning readers and citations. Open Access literature is not free to publish. Open Access journal conduct peer review and is a mode of access but not business model, license, or content. Open Access serves the interests of many groups such as authors, readers, faculty members and students, Universities, researchers, scholars, etc. The liver supports almost every organ in the body. Liver is prone to several diseases due to its strategic location and multidimensional functions. The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body and performs many vital functions to keep the body pure of toxins and harmful substances. Without a healthy liver, a person cannot survive. The liver is considered a gland-an organ that secretes chemicals because it produces bile, a substance needed to digest fats. Bile’s salts break up fat into smaller pieces so it can be absorbed more easily in the small intestine. Highly accessed reviews or articles were also highly cited. To find out which of the published articles had a significant impact on the scientific community, highly cited journals are essential. JLDT published the scholarly and peer reviewed articles which are highly accessible by many readers. The Journal of Liver: Disease & Transplantation addresses both the liver pathology and liver transplantation. JLDT stands among the liver journals in the globe. JLDT published the scholarly and peer reviewed articles which are highly accessible by many readers. The Journal is using quality and standard peer review process for its paper publications. It is also using online manuscript submission and manuscript tracking systems.

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