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Ocean Science

Ocean science is the study of global marine environment. The marine environment includes icy wastes of the polar seas to the tranquil lagoons of coral islands: from the still blue depths of the Pacific to the busy and polluted waterway of an urban estuary. Ocean science involves the understanding of physical, biological and chemical processes undergoing in the oceans and marine water bodies. Because of the wide range of the processes occurring in the water bodies, ocean science is divided into a variety of disciplines. The major disciplines being Physical oceanography, Biological oceanography, Chemical oceanography and Geological oceanography. There is a great deal of overlap between these fields of ocean science because many aspects of the marine environment are affected by physical, chemical, biological and geological factors together. Ocean science covers the following fields: Ocean Physics (i.e. ocean structure, circulation, tides and internal waves); Ocean Chemistry; Biological Oceanography; Air-Sea Interactions; Ocean Models, physical, chemical and biological and biochemical; Coastal and shelf edge processes and Paleooceanography.