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Oceanology is an area of Earth Science that deals with oceans. Oceanology, also called as Oceanography, is a vast subject covering a range of topics in the sub field areas of Physical, Chemical, Biological and Geological oceanography. Oceanographers blend these multiple diverse fields to acquire and enhance their knowledge on oceans and understand the processes within. Physical oceanography is the study of physical conditions and processes of the ocean. It includes the study of the interaction between the ocean and its boundaries - land, seafloor, and atmosphere - and the relationship between the sea, weather, and climate. Chemical Oceanography is the study of chemical composition of oceans, behavior of the chemical elements and their cycling within the ocean as well as with other spheres of the Earth system. Biological oceanography can be also termed as Marine biology which in itself is a broad field. It involves the study of marine organisms, their behaviors, and their interactions with the environment. Geological oceanography or Marine geology involves the study of geophysical, sedimentological, geochemical, and paleontological investigations of the ocean floor and coastal margins. Today Oceanology is an important field of study to understand our planet and the various processes undergoing. It is also significantly important to geography for the relatedness in terms of mapping, navigation and physical and biological study of the ocean.