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Publications on Mariculture

"Journal of Marine Biology & Oceanography is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes the most complete and reliable source of information on the discoveries and current developments in all areas pertaining to marine biology and oceanography. Mariculture is a branch of aquaculture that involves cultivation of marine species for food and other products. The cultivation is done in open Ocean, an enclosed section of the ocean, tanks or ponds filled with sea water. Marine fish like finfish, shellfish, oysters and seaweed, for example, are cultivated in raceways filled with sea water. Other products that are not used as food are also cultivated by mariculture. Some examples are fish meal, nutrient agar, cultured pearl and cosmetics. Sustainable mariculture has largely resulted in economic and environmental privileges. Maricultured fish are proved to be of higher quality when compared to the fish raised in ponds and tanks. Also, it offers a diverse choice of species. It has also been seen that ranching can produce fish at lower cost than industrial fishing leading to better human diets and elimination of unsustainable fisheries. Journal of Marine Biology & Oceanography publishes results of research on marine biology, biological/physical/chemical/ geological oceanography, and other relevantly related areas. The journal successfully follows hybrid policy of publication that offers authors with the choice of publishing via customary subscription method or making their article open access. The Journal uses Editorial Manager System for maintaining quality review process. Editorial Manager is an online manuscript submission, review and tracking system. Review process is performed by the editorial board members of Journal of Marine Biology & Oceanography; the validation by at least two independent reviewers followed by the editorís approval is required for the acceptance of any citable manuscript for publication in the Journal. "