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Best Journals in Disease Diagnosis

The Journal of Diagnostic Techniques and Biomedical Analysis is one of the Best Journals in Disease Diagnosis. The Journal of Diagnostic Techniques and Biomedical Analysis (JDTBA) makes a significant contribution in the field of Disease Diagnosis. JDTBA covers all major themes and interdisciplinary aspects pertaining to disease diagnosis, medical instrumentation and biomedical analysis of causative agents and drugs. Disease diagnosis refers to both the process of attempting to determine or identify a possible disease or disorder and diagnosis in this sense can also be termed diagnostic procedure, and to the opinion reached by this process also being termed diagnostic opinion. If the disease is infectious in nature, the disease agent involved should also be identified. For the disease agent to be infectious it must fulfil Koch's postulates that: The agent should be present in all cases of the disease; It can be isolated and grown in pure culture; and It should be capable of producing the disease when inoculated into healthy animals. One of the problems associated with these postulates is that they do not take into account the differences between different strains of agents, particularly in their virulence, pathogenicity, and infectivity, which may be important in the epidemiology of the disease.

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