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Subscription Based Biomedical Imaging Journal

The Journal of Diagnostic Techniques and Biomedical Analysis is a Subscription Based Biomedical Imaging Journal. The Journal of Diagnostic Techniques and Biomedical Analysis do not charge any publication fee from the authors for getting their manuscripts published under subscription. However, JDTBA follows a unique "Hybrid Modal" where the author can publish the article as Open Access. Thus JDTBA is enriched with the benefits of subscription and effectiveness of open access. Biomedical Imaging is the technique, process and art of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention. Medical imaging comprises different imaging modalities and processes to image human body for diagnostic and treatment purposes and therefore has an important role in the improvement of public health in all population groups. Furthermore, medical imaging is justified also to follow the course of a disease already diagnosed and/or treated. Imaging for medical purposes involves the services of radiologists, radiographers, medical physicists and biomedical engineers working together as a team for maximum output. This ensures the production of high quality of radiological service with consequent improvement of health care service delivery.