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Journals on Multifactorial Disorders

According to scholars and researchers nearly all conditions and diseases have a genetic component. For example some disorders, such as sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis, are caused by mutations in a single gene. Multifactorial disorders result from the interaction of one or more environmental factors and two or more genes. Journal of Genetic disorders and Genetic reports, peer reviewed scholarly journal is one of the top journals on genetic disorders and genetic reports. It aspires to carve a strong backbone in the field of scientific community by publishing the current and ongoing researches and discoveries in the form of high-quality original research papers, research brief reports, mini-reviews, and other special articles related. It is a novel initiative taken to assist the researchers in getting best publication across the globe, stimulating the scientific knowledge and learning. Journal of Genetic disorders and Genetic reports aims to widen the reachability to every students and scholars.