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Developing new tools for the medical and biological fields is another primary objective in nanotechnology where we come across the term Nanobiotechnology. The two progressive areas Biotechnology and Nanotechnology combines to form an interesting field coined as Nanobiotechnology. Nanobiotechnology can also be termed as Bionanotechnology or Nanobiology. Nanobiotechnology basically intersects nanotechnology and biology. This discipline helps to point the merger of biological research with varied fields of nanotechnology. It bridges areas in physics, chemistry, and biology and is a testament to the new areas of interdisciplinary science that are becoming dominant in the twenty-first century. Nanobiotechnology joins the breakthroughs in nanotechnology to those in molecular biology. Molecular biologists cooperate nanotechnologists in understanding and accessing the nanostructures and nanomachines designed by few billions years of engineering for cell machinery and biological molecules. Concepts that are enhanced through nanobiotechnology include: nanodevices and systems, nanoparticles, and nanoscale phenomena that occurs within the discipline of nanotechnology. This technical approach to biology permits scientists to imagine and create systems that can be used for biological research. The most important objectives that are often found in nanobiotechnology involve applying nanotools to relevant medical/biological problems and refining these applications. Bionanotechnology promises a vary array of medical and commercial applications which is often divided as therapeutic applications (Nanotherapeutics) and diagnostic applications. The technology has created excitement in the industry that each day people are reporting new discoveries and advancements. Bionanotechnology is a subject that will gain constant attention as people realize the R & D benefits for the betterment of mankind.

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