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Nanoscience is the study of structures and materials that have very small dimensions in the range of nanometer scale. A nanometer scale, a unit of length, is generally defined as 1-100 nm. One nanometer is a one billionth of meter, i.e., 10-9 meters. Nanometer is often used to define the dimension at atomic level. The study of phenomena and manipulation of the materials that are on a nanoscale is know as Nanoscience. Nanoscience involves finding and studying governing laws of the tiny objects, deriving theoretical models for describing the behavior and analyzing the properties of those Nanoscale materials. The knowledge of nanoscience is used by nanotechnology. Nanotechnology and nanoscience are interdisciplinary fields that combine physics, chemistry, and biology that focuses on the nanoscale intersection of fields such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, Computer science, Engineering, etc.

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