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Nanotechnology is the manipulation or the engineering of functional matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. Nanotechnology is a science, engineering and technology which is conducted at Nanoscale level. The technology that involves the designing, manipulating and producing of very small objects or structures (products) those ranged at very small scale, on the level of 100 nanometers is called Nanotechnology. On whole, the study of extremely small products or objects is known as Nanoscience where as the application of these small matter to different scientific fields as diverse as Physics, Chemistry, Material Science and Engineering is known as Nanotechnology. The applications and research associated with nanotechnology are equally diverse. The braches of Nanotechnology include: Green Nanotechnology (Nanotechnology for enhancing the sustainability of environmental, Nanoengineering (engineering at nanoscale) and Wet Nanotechnology (from small ones working up to large masses). The multi-disciplinary fields that involve Nanotechnology are- Nanobiotechnology, Ceramic Engineering, Material Science and Nanoarchitectonics. The impact of nanotechnology potentially extends from its medical, mental, legal, ethical, and environmental applications, to fields such as biology, chemistry, engineering, materials science, computing and communications. Even though the Nanotechnologies have shown major benefits there is a chance of potential risks involved with the technology as any other emerging technology concerning mainly on the toxicity and environmental impact of nanomaterials and their potential effects on global economics. The Potential risks of nanotechnology are broadly be grouped into four areas: Health issues, Environmental issues, Societal issues and Speculative issues. Thus, with these concerns the special regulation of Nanotechnology is been in debate.