Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation TechnologyISSN: 2325-9809

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Latest Research in Nuclear Emergency

The Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology publishes the Latest Research in Nuclear Emergency. It covers all the major fields and interdisciplinary aspects of Nuclear Emergency Planning but does not limit to it. It also covers Nuclear Energy Research, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Materials & Fuel Research, Applied Nuclear Chemistry, Reactor Engineering & Design, Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, Nuclear Waste Management, Radiological Safety Analysis, Reactor Construction, Nuclear Energy Policy, Radiation Measurement and Exposure Control, Fusion and Plasma Energy Research. A nuclear emergency could be declared if there is an accident or an intentional release (or threat of intentional release) of potentially harmful radioactive materials. In either situation, exposure to radiation can cause health risks. The overall objective of Emergency Preparedness (EP) is to ensure that the nuclear power plant operator is capable of implementing adequate measures to protect public health and safety in the event of a radiological emergency.