Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation TechnologyISSN: 2325-9809

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Latest Research in Nuclear Reactor Physics

The Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology publishes the Latest Research in Nuclear Reactor Physics. It covers all the major fields and interdisciplinary aspects of Nuclear Reactor Physics but does not limit to it. It also covers Nuclear Energy Research, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Materials & Fuel Research, Applied Nuclear Chemistry, Reactor Engineering & Design, Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, Nuclear Waste Management, Radiological Safety Analysis, Reactor Construction, Nuclear Energy Policy, Radiation Measurement and Exposure Control, Fusion and Plasma Energy Research. Many kinds of nuclear reactions occur in response to the absorption of particles such as neutrons or protons. Other types of reactions may involve the absorption of gamma rays or the scattering of gamma rays. Of particular note is the resonant absorption of gamma rays in the Mossbauer Effect. Specific nuclear reactions can be written down in a manner similar to chemical reaction equations. If a target nucleus X is bombarded by a particle a and results in a nucleus Y with emitted particle b, this is commonly written in one of two ways.