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Latest Research in Plasma Physics

The Journal of Nuclear Energy Science & Power Generation Technology publishes the Latest Research in Plasma Physics. It covers all the major fields and interdisciplinary aspects of Plasma Physics but does not limit to it. It also covers Nuclear Energy Research, Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Materials & Fuel Research, Applied Nuclear Chemistry, Reactor Engineering & Design, Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, Nuclear Waste Management, Radiological Safety Analysis, Reactor Construction, Nuclear Energy Policy, Radiation Measurement and Exposure Control, Fusion and Plasma Energy Research. Plasma Physics is the branch of physics concerned with matter in its plasma phase. Plasma is loosely described as an electrically neutral medium of positive and negative particles. It is odd to consider that plasma is actually the most common phase of matter, especially since it was the last one discovered. Flame, lightning, interstellar nebulae, stars, and even the empty vastness of space are all examples of the plasma state of matter. Plasma science has, in turn, spawned new avenues of basic science. Most notably, plasma physicists were among the first to open up and develop the new and profound science of chaos and nonlinear dynamics. On a more technologically applied front, plasma physics research has a strong footing in spacecraft propulsion technology (such as ion thrusters), plasma televisions and electronic chip manufacturing (such as computer processors).