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Awards 2020, Hiv Aids Res J Vol: 2 Issue: 1

2020 Awards for HIV, STD and STI's Conference

Bachan Sharma

Professor and Ex-Chairman, Department of Biochemistry Ex-Coordinator, Centre for Biotechnology, Nodal Officer: Intellectual Property Rights Cell, The University of Allahabad, India E-mail:

Keywords: HIV and AIDS

We are pleased to invite you to the “European Summit on HIV, STD and STIs” to be held on August 19-20, 2020 in Milan, Italy. Euro HIV Meet 2020 with the theme “Creating New Strategies to Prevent HIV/AIDs, STDs and STIs” which will be an excellent opportunity for oral presentation, poster presentation, workshops/exhibition, plenary talks, as well as exceptional networking opportunities.

The following awards will be presented at the Euro HIV Meet 2020. Participants are invited to an oral/poster presentation to present his/her research and are expected to submit an article after the award for each category will be nominated. This award acknowledges the outstanding research initiatives in the field of HIV/AIDs and Infectious Diseases, which aims to recognize the effort of young career researchers and to bring new advancements in Infectious disease and health care.

Euro HIV Meet 2020 is pleased to provide the following awards:

Scientific Service Achievement Award:

It is the most prestigious award felicitated to the researchers who have minimum 20+ years of research experience in the relative field of Infectious Diseases. This award recognizes the most outstanding contribution to Infectious disease research in the scientific fields.

The Research Contribution Award:

This award is a special recognition award to those business or academic professionals who have more than 10+ years of research experience in the field of Infectious disease.

The Women of Science Award:

Our conference provides a unique platform for Women Scientists and researchers for presenting latest research projects with an in-depth analysis. We cordially invite women scholars and scientists from Universities who have 10+ years of research experience to join the forum. We are happy to encourage our women participants through research awards and provide assistance for women scholars in career development and research guidance through our collaborations.

Best Speaker Award:

This award is given to the speaker who enhances insight into Infectious disease mechanisms and the prospects for innovation, significant contribution to the field with relevance for HIV/AIDs and STIs. The award is open to all the Scientists in the Infectious diseases field, and related specialists in research and public healthcare.

Best Keynote Speaker Award:

to reach $70 billion, contributing to four consecutive years of This award is honour to the continuous effort and for presenting the best keynote speech, which is an implementation of new research strategies and innovative ideas.

Best Poster Presentation:

This award is for the best poster presenter to encourage presenters to take part and present the budding skills at International Conferences. This award is open to doctoral students who are engaged in their dissertation research and postdoctoral fellows.

Best Master’s/PhD/Postdoctorate Thesis Work Presentation Award:

The Best Presentation Award is intended to recognize the excellent, unique and innovative approach to the study of Infectious disease health being carried out by young scientists.

Take the opportunity to encourage the deserving candidates you know, nominate them through online and we will honor them for their work, research contribution and achievements.

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