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2020 Conference Announcement, J Aging Geriatr Med Vol: 4 Issue: 1

2020 Conference Announcement Global Meet on Aging, Disease and Care September 21-22, 2020| Barcelona, Spain THEME: PROMOTING WELLNESS FOR A HEALTHY AGING

Gamil S. G. Zeedan

Professor, National Research Centre, Cairo University, Egypt, E-mail:

Keywords: Aging Science

On behalf of Conferences Series we have a tendency to welcome all the cancer researchers and also the oncologists across the world to attend the world Meet on Aging, malady and Care (Aging & malady 2020) scheduled throughout September 21-22, 2020 at city, Spain .Our Europe Aging Conferences area unit composed of well-organized scientific sessions, comprehensive displays, Keynote speeches, carcinoma professional conferences, Oral displays, Poster displays, e-Poster Presentation, Industrial displays, Panel Discussions, B2B conferences, Young man of science Forums (YRF), International workshops, shower displays, Sponsor interactions, International Symposiums etc. The Aging & malady 2020 is a world stump, which inspires the young researchers by felicitating them with the Young Researcher/ Young human awards. Aging & malady 2020 aims to produce best health and attention to adolescent women and girls, with concentrate on the interference, diagnosing of Aging & malady 2020, also as connected biology, Pathophysiology, medicine, Clinical Reports etc. The shift in medication and attention from management of malady towards promoting eudaimonia could be a keystone in addressing the upstream caused of malady and guaranteeing that everyone ladies have equal opportunities. Therefore, it's terribly applicable to compile the consultants within the field from everywhere the world as we have a tendency to share experiences and information and work together on reducing the chance and making awareness of Aging & malady.

About City

Little medieval design is preserved in capital of Spain, principally within the Almendra Central, as well as the San Nicolas and San Pedro el Viejo church towers, the church of San Jerónimo el Real, and therefore the Bishop's Chapel. Nor has capital of Spain preserved a lot of Renaissance design, aside from the Bridge of Segovia and therefore the Convent of Las Descalzas Reales.Many of the historic buildings of capital of Spain start the Spanish Golden Age, that coincided with the Habsburgs reign (1516–1700). Duke of Edinburgh II affected his court to capital of Spain in 1561 and remodeled the city into a capital town. These reforms were embodied within the Plaza civil authority, characterized by its symmetry and nonindulgence, further because the new fort, which might become the second most spectacular royal palace of the dominion. the fabric used throughout the dynasty era was principally brick, and therefore the humble façades distinction with the frilly interiors. Notable buildings embody the jail of the Court, the Palace of the Councils, the Royal Convent of l. a. Encarnación, and therefore the Buen Retiro Palace. The Imperial school church model dome was imitated all told of Spain. Pedro Delaware Ribera introduced baroque design to Madrid; the Cuartel Del Conde-Duque, the church of Montserrat, and therefore the Bridge of Toledo ar among the most effective examples.

Scientific Sessions:

• Social Theories of Aging

• Immune System and Aging

• Aging Demographics

• Environmental Gerontology

• Aging and Depression

• Women and Aging

• Geriatric Care

• Aging and Mobility

• Old Age Nutrition

• Alzheimer Disease and Care

• Technology and Healthcare

• Elder Abuse and Society

Supporting Journals

Journal of Aging and Geriatric Medicine

Journal of Aging and Geriatric drugs (AGM) could be a peer reviewed Open Access journal that publishes analysis data within the field of Geriatric drugs and medical specialty with a read to spread recent advancements for improvement of health care systems of older or older population across the world. The Journal provides a platform for clinicians, surgeons, researchers and health professionals to contribute their findings and awareness among community and aims to line a forum for publication, education, and exchange of opinions in varied aspects of Aging analysis and clinical medical specialty altogether medical and surgical subspecialties.

Previous Conference :

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