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Research Article, Androl Gynecol Curr Res Vol: 5 Issue: 1

A Study of Symptomatology and Histopathology in Uterine Fibromyomas

Rajeshwari Khyade1*, Rakhi M More2 and Rakesh Shedge3

1Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, K. J. Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai, India

2Department of Anatomy, K. J. Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai, India

3Department of Pathology, Topiwala Nair Medical College, Mumbai, India

*Corresponding Author : Dr. Rajeshwari Khyade
Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, K. J. Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai, India
E-mail: [email protected]

Received: August 24, 2017 Accepted: September 20, 2017 Published: September 27, 2017

Citation: Khyade R, More RM, Shedge R (2017) A Study of Symptomatology and Histopathology in Uterine Fibromyomas. Androl Gynecol: Curr Res 5:1. doi: 10.4172/2327-4360.1000156


Leiomyomas of the uterus are extremely common neoplasms. The overall incidence is between 4% and 11%, but rises to nearly 40% in women over the age of 50 years. Clinically apparent lesions are less common in parous than nulliparous women and premenopausal than postmenopausal women. Histopathological examination of the neoplasms is mandatory to confirm the diagnosis as well as to rule out the malignancy. The aims of this study are (i) to study the clinal symptomatology of uterine leiomyomas, and (ii) to study pathological appearances of uterine leiomyomas at macroscopic and histological levels. A study of 50 patients attending the Obstetrics & Gynecology OPD of a tertiary care institute was conducted over a period of one year. Detailed history and examination of the patients were done.

Keywords: Leiomyomas; Hyaline degeneration; Cystic degeneration; Proliferative endometrium

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