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Research Article, J Phys Res Appl Vol: 5 Issue: 2

Anatomy of the Atom and Particle Production Based on Hydrogen and Deuterium Production during Cosmology's “First Second”


Science is unable to directly observe the inner atomic structure or sub-atomic particle production. The aim of this research is to develop a model showing detailed anatomy of the Atom & particle production based on Hydrogen & Deuterium production during cosmology's “First Second”. Showing how sub-atomic particles & forces developed as a result of cause and effect. Agreeing that the singularity particle was majorana with an anapole structure & field, which underwent a process of thermodynamics, jeopardizing its structure. Resulting in stretching & state change from Anapole Majorana into a dipole structure: wavelength 10-24 mm, typical Neutrino size, during Plank/GUT Epochs. Postulting the existence of primordial Majorana Neutrinos, whose attributes can be substituted in equations for presently used Photons. (We know Photons didn't exist at this time). Unlike an Electron, Muon or Tau Neutrino, it's a Majorana Neutrino, deriving from Majorana singularity 'decay' state change. Each Neutrino is mid-point entangled with its Antineutrino, behaving as its own Anti-particle. Neutrino/Anti-Neutrino pairs cause: Gravitational force, Nuclear Weak force, Electro-Magnetic force, Inflation, W+ & WBosons, Z Bosons, Higgs field & Boson. It will help to reveal the structure of Space-Time and Dark Matter that shows how quantum laws progress to classical laws by bridging the gap.

Keywords: Dark matter; Atomic structure; Neutrinos; Force production; Higgs boson production

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